Finally Here!!!

Morning Light on El Cap (Actually 6am light!!)
Morning Light on El Cap (Actually 6am light!!)

Well we finally arrived after an epic journey, first the planes TV/Entertainment system was down, hard to get tech support for their server at 35000ft! So I have read near a whole book, a big one at that. We then had a very near miss on landing. I could see the tarmac runway, when the pilot engaged turbo thrusters and pull out of his landing after a very bumpy approach. He then went on to tell us that there was aircraft still on the runway, planning on taking off!!

Then I was given the third degree by immigrations, had to go to a secondary questioning. I thought I was about to miss the flight. So sent the others on, and said I’d meet up if possible.┬áThe flight to LA was then delayed due to thunderstorms, so eventualy we made it to LA at 11pm, and then drove through the night to Yosemite, where I am now enjoying a lovely breakfast!

Llion and Katie are trying to skype families so I will jog on.

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