When will I learn……..I am not a computor programmer!

Well a busy day for me, I had a two hour search with the rescue team, although I had a leisurely start after missing the first text message. I then set about sorting out a new site I have finally decided to set up. The problem being I set up a joomla site via a sub domain, and the site won’t display.

Tech support say, no you have to set it up on the domain name not the sub domain. Interestingly the one click easy app they offer doesn’t do this. So I had to delete what I had done and start again setting up databases, and reinstalling the software. I attempted this manually but the computor said no! I have to say that they haven’t made the process easy at all, not for a techno twat like myself.

Anyway, deleting everything again and then I am going to upload everything again and start again. The joys!

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