Rescue and Team Training

Hauling cartoon from the website, Howd they get up there?
Hauling cartoon from the website, How'd they get up there?

Well I went out on a rescue yesterday, a collapse male on the Llanberis Path. He was collected by Rescue 122 and airlifted to Bangor. It was a quick job and we managed to get back down reasonably quickly.

After that I had loads of admin to do in the form of invoice writing and shopping for the essentials. Those essentials being two new pairs of rock boots. Selected from the awesome range that V12outdoors stock. I also had a trip to DMM to see if I could pick up a pulley to help make hauling easier, when we go states sides. They are in the process of bringing out a great little device call the pinto. Where every attachment point is rope, sling and carabiner friendly.

The DMM Pinto pulley, not available yet but we be around soon, hopefully.
The DMM Pinto pulley, not available yet but we be around soon, hopefully.

In the evening it was to the Beacon Climbing centre to have a how to haul on big walls session with Llion and Katie. They both picked up the whole making the belay, connect the haul bag, hauling, tying off the haul bag with the lower out line and then lowering the haul bag very quickly. We are now very close to being ready to lay siege to the Nose.

After hauling we went on to climb down in the school room at the beacon where there are loads of new boulder problems have been set by Hosey. I manage to flash all but one orange and one white. So not bad for an old duffer!

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