Outdoor Qualification demystified!

So you want to be a outdoor instructor, but finding the pathway deeply confusing, here’s a guide to how it all works!

First of all you need to choose what type of instructor you want to be, so you need to choose between the CWA, SPA, CWLA, CWA-Abseil Module, WGL, ML (summer), ML (Winter), MIC, MIC, IML, UIAGM. Remember that to do you MIA you need you ML(summer), and for the MIC you need ML(winter) & MIA. Although in Ireland there is the MPA formerly the RCL4 award.

Before you attend the course you need to become a member of the BMC, MCofS or MCI. You’ll then need to register for your chosen award with either the MLTE, MLTW, MLTS, MLTNI or Irish equivalent, these are all overseen by the MLTUK or is it the MLT now? If you want to do the ML(winter) then you need to register with the MLTS and the IML requires MLTUK registration and then be a member of BAIML

After that is just a question of training, consolidation and assessment, and of course you can get some CPD from the MLTA or if you’re an MIA or MIC, then AMI.

To go down the UIAGM route, you need to apply to the BMG.

Simple isn’t it?

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