Baking and Bouldering

I had a mixed day, the morning was spent baking up at Pen Y Pass cafe, mixed results though. First was a bara brith, which came out really real. Next up was a Chocolate Brownie, which tastes great, but did come out a little guey, which some people like and other don’t and next was a Date and Walnut Flapjack. I’d imagine that these might sell well over the weekend, given its meant to be nice weather!

After that I went to go bouldering, in between I also manage to spend about an hour or more on a wild goose chase after some walker reported cries for help, and then the sound of something hitting the ground. We even got the North Wales Police helicoptor in to search the varios gully’s but found nothing.

It was then Cromlech o’clock, again team Yosemite made a good display of climbing skills. Eventually managing a few problem we hadn’t done this season. Although of note was for me it wasn’t an edge problem year just yet, although if i had tried to hang the finishing jug rather than half hearted through for it, who knows? Maybe next time or next year?

Anyway’s I’ll try and put some actions shots of the bouldering up at some point.

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