Planning a Trip

There is only one thing that comes close to going on a trip and that is planning one. Fortunately in this day and age the planning has become easier and easier, due mainly to the wonders of google and the world wide web. So today I have been looking at some new American venues to visit either before or after my Yosemite trip.

My plan so far has been to start in New York, and go via the Gunks, a small but interesting looking crag, before heading south to the New River Gorge. From there I am unsure where to go, as I was wanting to work my way across the north of America to the west coast, inparticular calling in at the Devils Tower, and other classic routes, on my way to Yosemite, in mid september.

At present The Grand Tetons looks like it will be worth a visit, as well as city of rocks, Idaho and Smith Rocks, Oregon.

Anyway, I am interested in any ideas that people either this side or the other side of the Atlantic might have for other venues or must do routes in these locations.

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