Chopper Brian

Chopper Brian - Totally Wiping Out on Total Wipeout
Chopper Brian - Totally Wiping Out on Total Wipeout

If you are a Total Wipeout fan then you will know that there has been a new series on the TV recently. What you may not know is one of the competitors was a member of Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team, and an RAF helicoptor pilot. “Chopper Brian” as he is known in the programme has become a bit of a local Z list celebrity.

I had dinner with him and a few friends last night, and he is totally loving the fame, however he won’t tell whether that also includes fortune as well. As he is in the champions show this saturday at 5.30. His war call is “Ginger Pride”, and he loves it if you shout it down the street at him.

Anyway if you visit the BBC website then they are using a picture of Chopper Brian being ejected off the the balls. It looks like he didn’t make it all the way across. Anyway set the Sky+ to record this, and shout for “Chopper Brian”

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