Mountain Leader Training: Mountain Day

I spent sunday in Ogwen, delivering a Mountain Day for some candiates on their Mountain Leader Training. The day looked at both the security on steep ground, leadership and the environment. It is a great day to run, as it requires a variety of terrain, and input from me. No two days will be the same as weather, the seasons and venue will bring out different aspects.

However, there are core elements that we have to look at like the practical side of assessing how to manage a group on steep ground, and the environmental elements of the syllabus. Interesting I always seem to end up recommending Mike Raine’s “The Nature of Snowdonia”. A veritable handbook for ML environmental knowledge, and of course a great book for anyone who enjoys the the natural environment of Snowdonia.

I have been spending today looking at PDF’s of both my How to climb harder book and the Slate Guide, as well as catching up on some much needed washing!

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