Is Scram-packing to Blame?

Last year I wrote a post after I met Andy Kirkpatrick in Yosemite, he had been writing an article on combining scrambling and multi-day backpacking in Wales. When I heard the route. I thought that it would probably end in tears for someone. Anyway last weekend I think I may have met some of the unfortunate people when they were winch off Lliwedd, when lost high on Bilberry Terrace.

I didn’t ask them whether they had read Andy’s Article, but both Andy and I found it amusing that Trail Magazine has a policy that no ropes can be shown on the cover, because it will scare the readers, and put them off buying the magazine. So Andy was photoed trying to hide the rope whilst on Bilberry terrace, the irony is that most sane mountaineers would really appreciate a rope up there, as well as more than a passing interest on just how it works.

I did wonder whether these guys stuck on Lliwedd had read andy’s article, of course they could have read the Ashton scrambles guide. Anyway they all got down safely thanks to the RAF, which was nice, as I had appeared to have pulled the shortest straw for being lowered down the cliff to rescue them if plan A – The Whirly Death Machine Failed!

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