Training Evening

Spent the day not doing very much other than admin type things. Inparticular dropping a CD full of images off at the publisher who is currently working on the layout of the book. I went up to the wall in the evening for another training session.

Again I still feel fit, and just need to keep my current level, although with the amount of outside climbing I have managed to get in recently, means that I might well be able to improve rather than hold ground.

I also saw that Joe Browns have the new DMM Dragon Cam in stock. Personally I am a fan of the old single axle cams, although I might have to try these lovely looking cams. I should point out that I have a complete set of DMM 4CU’s, and really get on well with them, so I won’t be rushing out to spend my money on any new gear, no matter how good they are.

The DMM Dragon Cam
The DMM Dragon Cam

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