Mad as a Box of Frogs

Had an ace day doing a mini assessment of a group of lithuanian climbers today at Plas Y Brenin, these guys have spent a month in total seeing what things we do when we instruct, and learning skills in the Climbing Wall award and Single Pitch Award syllabus, as well as ticking some of the classic routes in the area. So today we saw what they have learnt.

Interestingly the high point of their country would be the equivalent of the Cromlech boulders. They do have climbing wall though, and kids clubs just like we do in the UK. Whilst some were waiting to rig the abseil tower I got onto the subject of Lithuanian sayings. My two favourites where “the fifth leg on a dog”, which describes someone who isn’t participating in the team or task, and “If your afraid of wolfs don’t go into the forest”, which means if your scared of something then avoid it. I share the concept of someone being “Mad as a Box of Frog”.

When I arrived home I found a BMC summit magazine, and thought that’s good they have sent me a magazine, and I am not even a member anymore, then I remember I joined half price last year with a direct debit. Shit, I knew I forgot to cancel something, but I guess I will have to go to more meetings and get more free food to earn back my pennies. I guess the direct debit membership deal has work on me, and probably will again next year!!!

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