Well, after having watched Eastenders Live 25th Anniversary on Friday (How awesome was that!), I went on to get rather drunk after finishing a 7 day stint of work. The weather on Saturday was meant to be poor, so we opted to go climbing on Sunday instead. So Saturday revolved around seeing my friend and there kids in the morning, before cooking some tiffin, a chocolate cake and a Shepherds Pie to fill up said friends. A couple of beers again, and I was ready for bed at about nine o’clock, a very poor show, but after a week of night nav and camping I was shattered.

Sunday morning I had left the house by 9am, Llion and I had an ambitious plan for a days cragging, however the sun didn’t appear to dry off the crags around LLanberis, so we headed to the coast, and saw a promise of some sun towards Llandudno.

We climbed seven routes at Castle Inn before heading to Penmean Head, unfortunately the sun hadn’t quite come one the crag so, Llion manage two route there, I only seconded one, as it was too cold in the shade, and the clouds seemed to have won the battle, we then came back to Vivain Quarry and climbed Mental Lentils and Psycholtherapy.

So despite a cold day we manage a fair few routes. 10/11 in total.

Anyway I had a few funny images I had taken on my phone over the last week or so. However there is a problem because A, I can’t find the lead that plugs phone into computor, and B, The bluetooth connection seems to be screwed.

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