Twelve Bottles of wine and a roll of Duck tape

My day started early, as I had to drive to rochdale to attend a BMC coaching workshop. I quickly hit a problem when my van refused to start, as the battery has been destroyed by the cold weather. So after calling the AA out they eventually got it started with a separate battery. Although in the process nearly broke the imobiliser, and as I discovered on the return journey, they also managed to unplug my windscreen wipers, not a good thing to discover in a snow storm on the motorway. Fortunately, I managed to plug it back in and get going.

The workshop was ace, and I am looking forward to the twelve or more bottles of wine I need to drink to get all the corks I need, as well as the gaffa tape I need to ‘Change the Medium’. I will write more on the workshop over on my coaching blog.

My drive back was exciting as it was snowing heavily on the A55 around Llandudno, so much so I had to phone up a friend in Llanberis and get a weather report, as I feared it was going to be deep by the time I got there. No such luck, as it was just sleet in the village.

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