ML Training: Days 4,5 & 6

Well the last three days of the ML training course went by, including my two day mini break and over night camp. Which wasn’t as bad as expected as not only did it cloud over, but also my five season Mammut/Adjunalak sleeping bag really did the deed in keeping me toasty warm.

I was expecting a day off tomorrow, but it looks like I will have to head into work again, as someone is off sick at PYB, so I get to teach climbing to some lithuains. A friend has reliably informed that Labas in hello in their tongue. Although probably means something rude!

Went to the climbing wall this evening and was climbing well despite feeling exhausted. I was doing circuits again. Which is getting to be a joke with a few friends who know we are all training for Yosemite and big walling by going bouldering!

Anyway Pete Robins turned up at the wall, which felt like Wayne Ronney turning up to your Sunday Knock around with your mates (not that he isn’t a mate). He is still on fire after Liquid Ambar. He is ridiculously strong, and great fun as ever to be burnt off by.

One day, hopefully not to far away, I will unleash my beacon power endurance onto real sports climbing and see if all the effort has paid off, and turn that 8a dream into a reality.

I have been collect stories in the papers, and funny pictures that have amused me over the last week, hopefully I will get round to putting them up if I can find five minutes to do so. Although I just want my own bed at the moment, so Nos Da (Good Night) as they say in Wales.

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