Lost – Cash at Tremadog

Not that I am expecting to have it returned to me but some lucky person might have a windfall if they go to Tremadog tomorrow, as I managed to lose enough cash to make me cry. If you do find it an feel charitable to me I will give you a 25% reward.

It will be either on Christmas Curry, Plum or One Step in the Cloud.

Other than that it was an excellent day out, and the sun was almost too hot, or was I wearing too many clothes!

Anyway, Good Luck and spend it on something pointless if you find it!

Pot Washer

Today I was almost productive, as i got a call around lunchtime of a friend who is a chef, saying they needed a pot washer for the afternoon. With nothing on my plate I headed in, to ruin the toughen skin that I had built up over the last week or so at the climbing wall.

By the end of the afternoon my hands looked like I had been in the bath for about the three hours i had been frantically trying to keep the washing mountain from taking over the kitchen. As reasonable stress free life if I was to admit it. Just wash and dry, a total no brainer, I am not saying I would like to do that endlessly, but it was good for a change and kept me out of trouble.

The day before I had been at the wall doing some leader fall training with a friend who said that they were rather nervous about falling. I have written a bit more about it over on my coaching blog.

I then spent last night babysitting, and unlike before my friends decided that their daughter could have a special treat of staying up with uncle Mark for an extra hour which totally ruined my plan of watching the Simpson. However I did get her to bed to watch the end of season CSI double bill special, which was directed by Quintin Tarentino. A very far out episode.

5 days Training Doesn’t make one Weak!

Well some how I have managed to keep go to the climbing wall for five consecutive days. Mostly bouldering session, but I did a few routes as well. Mainly to stop my finger exploding. The good news is that i am starting to feel fit again, which probably means I’ll injure myself soon.

However I can’t but feel that I should be outside, if only the weather will play ball. I plan a day off tomorrow, but I suspect that I will end up doing something, probably a run, as it will give the upper body and the skin on my fingers a rest.

Looking at the weather i am hooping to get out on Friday, with a front clearing from the west, it might be a Tremadog or Slate day depending on when the weather clears through. Not sure about Saturday, but again i have a few friends lined up for some cragging, as well as a 40th Birthday Party, which I have a tuxedo lined up for.

I’ll try and get some pictures of me dusted off for you. As it is as rare a rocking horse shit seeing me in a suit. There’s just no call for one in Wales, as I dread to think what an outdoor pursuit centre would think turning up for an interview suited and booted! Talking of which i haven’t got any shoes .

The good new from today was that after three weeks with transport I managed to get my van started today, with a little help from a ‘uber’ battery. My hope is that it still starts tomorrow.

North Wales Classic Rock Routes

Well, since I can add webpages rather than just post to this site, I have been busy trying to add as many classic rock route topo’s as I can to the site. They can be found on the side of my Climbing Coach Blog by clicking on the Classic Rock Routes.

My hope is to continue developing this resource, and I hope that you find it useful, and at the very least inspiring.

Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new layout of my blog. The whole thing is hosted on my own server, and many thanks should go to a couple of my clients and readers who have helped extensively in getting this up and running. So Scott and James thanks a million.

I was planning on moving this across sooner but, a few things got in the way. Firstly finishing my MSc and secondly Christmas Festivities and thirdly the recent snow and ice.

I hope you like the new format, if you are a small company that would like to have some permanent links up, then get in contact with me, and we can chat.

My hope is to develop some more interesting content to this site, that I hope to grow.

Winter Essentials: The Umbrella

Image Copyright – Gwyn LLMRT
After seeing numerous articles and posts over the internet it would appear that the one really essential piece of equipment was left off every list the Umbrella. This picture was taken on New Years Day, way up near the intersection of the PYG and Miners track.

I was wondering whether she broke into a dance, alla ‘Singing in the Rain’ stylee. 
I wonder if DMM will bring out a lightweight ski mountaineering version?

Ground Hog Day Llanberis

Grey, Dull and overcast, yet another day in the climbing capital of Wales. Too hot for ice, to cold and wet for rock climbing. So instead I worked on my book, which the publisher will be glad to know. After that a run, some pull ups and a bit of stretching.

…and so the grind begins again.
I did try and cook some Gnocchi from scratch today, what i ended up with was a rather doughie and bland dinner. Although you could argue that Gnocchi is bland even if cooked well. I think what ruined the meal was the sauce, I had tried to make a cream and cheese sauce, but I fear that the 3 days the cream had been in the fridge had only turned it to yogurt, and the cheese was at the limit of it safe working life. 
So now having cleaned out the fridge (Only of food, certainly not in the washing sense of the word!), except the three potato’s for sausage and mash tomorrow, means I probably need to get my van jump started, after I left the indicator on overnight about two of three weeks ago now. I’ll then be able to go shopping to some where other than the Llanberis Spar, which is probably slightly less stocked than a Haitian Supermarket. (Please give generously)

100 men own my breasts!

Well, I am putting the new TV to good use, found this compelling documentary about women who get other men to pay for there boob job. I honestly thought I had seen everything there was to see on internet, but I just love it how everyday I am surprised. The documentary was on LivingTV, if you interested, to be honest its not that good a programme. 

I didn’t last long but did visit the website just for journalistic reason (honest), as theres no way I am stupid enough to fork out for a pair of titties that I don’t get to play with!
Anyway you can visit myfreeimplants here.
How funny is that! I wonder if there is a myfreecockenlargement. (rushes to Google)

Jerry Hat Trick

I am not too fuzzy when it comes to training facilities. I absolutely love the beacon despite the school room feeling like a fridge, the resined umbrella keeping most of the rain out, or occasional puddles on the matting. I just adds to the character. What I did object to today, and made sure the Hosey new it was the choice of music.

It wasn’t just bad it was appalling, apparently he had chosen Classic Classic’s due to the number of retired climbers in. Amongst whose numbers was none other than the artist Ginger Cain. I was so surprised to see him outside the pub that I nearly shit a brick. Anyway, I had enough of Mozart, Bach or whoevers concerto in C or Overture was playing. It sucked the life out of me, when I was told it was because of the geriatrics in the building, i had to point out since when did the staff care about the customers (Steve and Gill that was a joke BTW!).
Anyway I could barely climb a green problem the mood was so depressed by what was being passed for music. I would have preferred to listen to the Spice Girls or Take That, than Eine Kliene Nacht Muzak. Anyway if it wasn’t bad enough that I had to go to the climbing wall because of the rain, then being force to listen to classical music was the icing on the cake. It was like being stuck in a 1980’s lift before the advent of Muzak. 
Anyway, after that rant i feel one day closer to joining the retired climbers, and certainly working on being a grumpy old man.