Mountain Safety

I received this email today, I thought it had some interesting points, especially since I mentioned the Mountain Safe group. Who have a hard time getting there message across, it seemed to me like a great way that we could get the message across, as most people have to stay somewhere in and around Snowdonia, and to have everyone staying handed a leaflet by the owners of accommodation might really help. Anyway here’s the email:

I’ve watched with increasing disbelief the recent accounts of local rescues and I reckon some of the climbers should have been flogged and billed for the rescue!

I’m trying to play a small part with our guests at (hotel, B&B, Bunkhouse) explaining about clothing, layers, proper footwear, telling people where they’re going, carrying a phone, drinks, Mars bars and so on. I’ve still had two lots of guest send up in Ysbyty Gwynedd and had to call mountain rescue for another group. 

Other guests have gone up in trainers and jeans and we’ve had two or three guests whose dog’s pads have been shredded on the Llanberis Pass by sharp slate.

All this is leading to the fact I’m fed up with nagging and am looking for safety posters to put up in the accommodation. Does Llanberis M R have one? Do you have any other suggestions? Otherwise I need some good text and I’ll make my own.


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