Cramp on the Red Dot Path

Well having pulled myself out of bed, and looking forward to another day cragging I was rather disappointed to see rain streaming down the window. I should have stayed in bed! Several coffees, paracetamols, slices of toast, and a trip to the bathroom for one of last night revelers almost saw us to the climbing wall.

Unfortunately the pager went off, and I headed to Nant for a walker with Cramp on the Red Dot path up Glyder Fawr. We rushed up the hillside to make a daring rescue of the stricken walker, where the team first aider altered the guys blood pH curve to the right with what i see as the MR equivalent of the Magic Sponge, Hypo-fit.

Anyway the walker managed to make a quick recovery with the administration of the magical gel, and walked the rest of the way down to Pen Y Pass.

We were all back in time for tea and medals. What a glorious day for the team!

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