Cold Night

I have been well and truly off the radar, there wasn’t even a phone signal where I have been over the last couple of days. Although saying that I did manage to get a text at some point during the night I was camping. I guess the signal must have bounced off Uranus!

Was fairly cold out, with the snow line at about 700m, we headed up Yr Aran, but turned back from making a dash for the summit, due in part to the time of day and part due to the wintry conditions ahead, it was a summer ML after all.

We camped in Cwm Llam, and were just setting up our tents when the first of our unwanted visitors arrive in the form of a Puma, no not the cat, but a blood big Helicopter that insisted on circling the cwm endlessly and coming to a hover just away from the campsite.

Just as I thought the filming of Apocalyspe Now Millenium remake was over, and silence fell to the cwm. It was rudely interupted by the RAF 122 Rescue Helicoptor doing some training in the cwm. So much for the peace and quiet of the mountains.

We headed out at darkness, to do a little night navigation circuit before heading to bed. Now I am proper nesh when it comes to getting cold, however looking at my 5 season sleeping bag before I headed out, i decided that it was too much so switched to a 3 season. Mistake, Big Mistake, I spent the night shivering. Still it was only for one night.

We managed to navigate out the next day to Rhydd Ddu, and the Cwelleyn Arms, where I enjoyed a much needed coffee. The afternoon was spent reviewing the exped, and giving individual feedback for the students who were all on Plas Y Brenins Fastrack Instructor Scheme.

Hopefully they all know what they need to work on, and can now make a little action plan for themselves.

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