Champagne and Canapes

I spent Saturday night at Blue Sky in Bangor, enjoying Ursula’s 40th Birthday Party, by tucking into some Champagne and Canapes. Hence my last post ‘Didn’t We Have a Lovely Time….The day We Went to Bangor”. Ursula’s party was awesome the food cooked by Blue Sky’s Chrissie Corner was awesome.

I mean as a bunch of foodies, we all found the canapes simply incredible, inparticular the mini Bangers and Mash was stunning, although the Thai Fish cakes and Mango Chutney was ruin by a friend Duncan, when just as we put them in our mouths he utter. I tasted a girl like that in liverpool once.

The pudding was a light lemon cheese cake as a kind of pallet cleaner (No not a wooden pallet!). However the main pudding was a the biggest Tiffin Cake I have ever seen. I was totally filthy, I ever there was a choice for the pudding of the last supper i would have this on top of the list. I had one or two or three or four piece. I lost count in conbination with the booze.

Happy birthday Urs, it was ace.



Getting to Blue Sky on Public Transport. We would have turned heads if there was any normal people on the Buses.


Me trying to look smart in a Tuxedo, with a very drunk friend vicky stealing the limelight!


Go Girls

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