Marathon Tomorrow

Well for some of you read this I will have already have started or hopefully finished my marathon challenge, due to the wonders of modern technology you can see also as soon as I do whether I have finished. If you visit this link and find the Snowdon Marathon and enter my race number 1162, you should be able to find my finish time. Hopefully around 4 and half hours (finger crossed).

I know one of UKC’s best runner Iain Ridgeway is running as well as a few others, so might be worth checking his time out, as he was returning his first local home medal when I registered this evening, I won’t be surprised if he picks it up again!

Anyway thanks for all the messages wishing me well on my challenge, please do try and support me and my charity Llanberis Moutnain rescue team by clicking here.

Oh and in anticipation, anyone know a good physio?

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