For Hire: One freelance Instructor

Well having had to phone the centre back a few times about my job interview, it turned out that the person who was supposed to phone me didn’t get round to it before they went on holiday for a week. However I was informed by his colleague that despite the great work that I do as an instructor for them there is no position in their team for me. Other than a possible gentleman’s agreement of 50 days work a year, a photo on their instructors board and some free equipment.

Apparently I need to get a winter ML so I can direct summer ML course, however I go into the winter season with no money, having not got any work during December and January, so rather than head up to Scotland I have to work to put a roof over my head and food on my table. Catch 22!

How does it make me feel? Pretty shitty to be honest with you. I have committed a lot of time and effort over the years to working with them, and trying to do the best work I can. I have gone out of my way at my own expense to try and develop myself as a climbing coach, my MSc is a big part of that, unfortunately it is not enough. So I am left in pretty much the same position I have been in for several years. Seemingly stalling on the start line of a proper career.

So basically I am thinking of trying to branch out and develop work beyond the centre that has been my major employer for the last five years. I feel really sad about it, but with the feeling of disappointment so raw I really don’t know what else to do. So if you need a MIA either personally or as a business then I know one who has a wealth of experience on a variety of climbing, mountaineering, walking and NGB award courses who feels that he needs to move on in life, and look beyond his the safety blanket of what has been the normal for years, and branch out towards new challenges.

I have written a book on climbing, co-authored a couple of guidebooks, and studied coaching (physiology, psychology, effective coaching) to a masters level. Any ideas of where I should look, how to advertise my services or possible employers please add comments.

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