A New Goal

Well, having complete the marathon, I need a new goal, I decided a while back that the goal of climbing a french 8a sport route was a suitably achievable and realistic goal for me over the next year. Although the real training isn’t going to start until after I finish my thesis. However, not wishing to rest on my laurels, and despite not being able to walk, or bend my right leg that well I went to the wall to attempt to do some easy routes to stretch my body out.

I illicited several laughs as I hobbled like a arthritic pensioner to the wall, and then climbed up and reversed down some easy problems, before hobbling back. I only lasted 30 minutes and did a handful of problems but it is all training. I will try and keep you all informed with my progress towards the 8th grade!

I am still sore, crippled even, and today I have to babysit a 2 1/2 year old, so will be sore and knackered after being run about by a youth. I am sure I will suffer death by teletubbies, gigglebiz, balamory and Thomas the Tank engine! Happy days.

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