Pub and Chumming

Well after the final subject in my study, I went to the pub to drink through the relief. Knowing that I have all the data that I now have a month or so to analyze and write up. I ended up getting 28 participants, which is just enough to carry out the analysis that I need to. 

Anyway the usual suspects were in the pub, shooting the breeze and chumming as ever. I heard that Pete Harrison has run out of bolts that are suitable to place in the marine areas. Which is a real shame as he was starting to bolt The Diamond on Little Orme. Whilst I have never been there those that have describe it as the best sport climbing venue in the UK.
I guess we have to hope that there is a way that we can find some more bolts for Pete to place, and if you ever see him, give him a pat on the back as he has basically re-equipped LPT and other places around the Orme single handedly.
He should be a climbing hero for all the work he has carried out for North Wales Climbers. It is only through volunteers like Pete that work like this is carried out at all.

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