I spent yesterday at the Beacon helping to completely reset the bouldering wall for a kids competition today. Hopefully the competition is going well. Trying to set problems for 7 to 9 year olds is interesting, if a little taxing. I managed to set 8 problems, as well as test most, however I totally ran out of juice and started to fail on red problems due to being totally goosed at the end of the day.

For those that haven’t been to the wall recently then there is some treats in store, not only has the wall seen a major paint job, there has bee loads of new volumes added and moved that simply add loads of variation to the exsisting wall. The beacon now manufactures these volume and they really add something to the flat panels.

Anyway it was a joy to set again, as it has been a while. The aggregate starts next week, and all the money they raise from selling the score cards for something like £2 (minimum donation) a card goes to the Bolt Fund, so go a long buy a card, may be donate a bit more cash to help the great work that has been going on across North Wales in the rebolting arena. The fund still needs bolts and resin and other sundery things to keep the process going.

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