Truly Minging

Well it is truly minging outside. I have just ventured over to the slate museum with llion and Co. I am now drying myself out, as even just a short trip outside left us soaked to the skin. There is a great value £1 a kid craft session on all month in the Museum which itself is free to go in. Been a reasonably busy day starring at Excel and trying to make it do what I want it to hopefully I have succeeded. It appear like I have but who knows.

Off to the wall this even for more participants, hopefully I will carry on getting the same numbers through, which might mean that I get a decent sample size to carry out the statistical analysis’. So please if you can spare a couple of hours then please get in contact with me.

Just thinking I am glad that I was on Tryfan yesterday and not today. Hopefully nobody is stupid enough to walk up Snowdon today, so the team will be quiet. Although the day ain’t over yet.

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