Pub Chat and Bully

Ball Pyramid from Pete Fullagar.

I went out to the Gallt y Glyn last night briefly, I had been there the night before for HoseyB’s birthday. However there was a few characters there last night, I instantly was acosted by the Ginger prince, who was raving about the Dark Half, he was made up, best route in the world ever apparently. If you know Dave then you will also know to take that statement with a pinch of salt. I tried to deflate him by saying that we were downgrading the route to F7c in the new guide, he didn’t bite though.

I then had a good rant with a couple of the rescue team, about the pressures that are on Llanberis Team at the moment. Whilst it is voluntary the amount of time required just through rescues this year has been immense, I mused that I simply haven’t been able to attend any training because I am really busy with school and work. It seems like a similar story across the team, life commitments like work, family and general social life often prevent us from being available all the time, and given the sheer number of call outs this year is putting an extra strain on at least myself, although my thesis is probably the bigger pressure. Earlier today there was a call out but having just arrange to meet someone for my study, and they were heading over from near tremadog. I obviously couldn’t let them down.

Finally Wraith joined us, and the talk got back to climbing, he has been out hitting the cliffs a lot recently. He asked me about the Lotus Flower Tower which I climbed several years back, and I think I have convinced him, well given him the focus and idea to apply for a grant to go out there and ‘warm up’ on LFT and then climb a new route. I need to remember to get some images for him of potential lines.

The bully soon turned to my ambitions, and The Nose (A realistic one) right through to Cerro Torre (more of a dream). Wraith has similar ambitions to myself as he has a thrist for adventure at a reasonable grade. He then told me the best kept climbing secret I had never heard of, Bull’s Pyramid. So now I have a new dream ambition a 500+ metre sea stack.

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