More Vivian Photos!!

I nipped out today after failing to find anyone free to do my thesis study. I am really starting to worry about not getting enough people to do the study, so had to email my supervisor in a bit of a flap. Having resigned to the fact that there was nowt I could do I went across to Vivian where my house mate was climbing Sun Chaser Wall.

Anyway I managed to get a couple of snaps before I head back to the house to try and set up an excel spreadsheeet for the data I am accumulating. It was frustrating to say the least, but it is almost finish, and when it is it shouldn’t take too long to enter all 6 data sets I have collected of the 48 needed.

Anyway it was nice to have a distraction from the worry, and even nicer to feel like I am bouncing back from the swine.

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