Bochlwyd Horseshoe

Another Day on Tryfan, if only the weather was like this.

I was out working today, with a teacher and a lecture from down south. They wanted to climb Tryfan and then possibly head on to Bristly ridge. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t with us, as the wind was a little stronger than the 30mph predicted. It was a solid 40mph with a few gusts.

We met early, and were on the hill by 8am, totally unheard of in the realm of centre work, but working for myself I just fit in with the clients wishes. We manage to stay out of the wind by taking the diversion around the north tower and then following the path to finish by scrambling straight to Adam and Eve. They did suggest that I make the ‘jump’, I declined their kind offer.

We then had to fight down the south ridge with the wind in our face. By the col one of the Party had decided that they had enough excitement for one day so choose to descend straight back to the Youth Hostel, a misnomer if ever there was one. By the looks of the guest stay that I saw this morning it was more like a self catering B&B.

So with my one client I headed up over Glyder Fawr, where I earnt my money navigating across in pea soup and down Y Gribin before heading back to the van. The weather slowly improved and the wind dropped unlike the predicted worsening forecast. Anyway I am home now, ready to head out to do some more data collection.

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