The Day the Music Died

Having grown up with Micheal Jackson, from pretty much the end of the Jackson Five through a million classic albums and a never ending roller coaster of Jacko being Wacko. Now I have already heard about a thousand bad taste jokes revolving around his danger to children. Although the one about whats the difference between Micheal Jackson and Alex Ferguson…………………

Ferguson will be playing Giggs in August!

He died of food poisoning……. he ate some 12 year olds nuts!

Gary Glitter has just made a record bid on Ebay for Micheals Jacksons computor.

Bad News Micheal Jackson dies, good news Maddy McCain found in cupboard.

Now don’t get me wrong I like his music, especially his earlier stuff, but I really don’t see how his music can effect these equally wacko fan to the extent that it does. I have recently had problems liking his music, and I certainly wouldn’t have brought one of his records again, I know he was aquitted of the second allegation of child abuse, but he did pay off the first. I also remember that fly on the wall documentary, where he basically admitted to sharing a bed with a 14 year old. It was cringe worthy.

It hasn’t been 24 hours since his death, and the BBC and other media outlets are going Jacko mad, my local news programme has of course highlight that in 1998, 1992 he played in Cardiff Arms Park. I dread to think of the next week of Jackson Specials.

What has pissed me off the most with his death is that he choose my birthday to die on. Selfish Bastard!

Anyway I have chosen one of my favourite songs Billy Jean, it was probably the first time I saw the ‘Moonwalk’, I tried for years to do it myself.

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