The day after the night before

Like all good nights they must come to an end at some point. I think the last man standing was Mike who sensibly hadn’t drunk as much as Huw and Me. I have no idea what time that was, just that the following day was going to be a very painful affair. True to its word I awoke to feel like I had been half batter to death by a team of baboons.

I had done nothing today other than sleep, and watch Tele, and then the pager went off. The sound went right through me. I did manage to respond but it took ten minutes of walking round the house thinking what I need to put in my bag and then trying to remember where I put it, then finding it, then loosing the gloves, socks, hats again, and then finding them. I got to base and fortunately I wasn’t deployed on the hill, I would have probably been a liability.

I just have to hope the pager doesn’t go off again! (In fact I might whip the battery out!)

As an aside the weather has turned back to summer up here, heavy rain etc…

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