Snowdon Summit Fiasco Continues….

The latest rumour surrounding the newly finished summit station/cafe on Snowdon is that despite years in the planning, months to construct and over £8.5 million to complete. It appears that someone hasn’t done there maths, in the whilst the Snowdon Summit Cafe is an isolated system, with a very finite power need, the generator that has been built into the structure doesn’t appear to be up to the job, in that they are drawn too much power from it and it can’t keep up.

You would have thought that someone would have been responsible for adding up the power consumption of all the lights and appliance to be installed and then simply doubled it to make sure it was powerful enough, but apparently not. I don’t know what the solution will be, my guess is they will just dump a new generator next to the fortress and be done with it. As I would imagine that removing the old one might be a little trick without taking parts of the building down.

Anyway as far as I know it is just a rumour, but a great rumour at that, and one that is very likely to be true given that it was a publically funded venture, and nothing has been easy about building a new Cafe/Station on the Summit of Snowdon.

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