Gwynedd Councils Anti-Tourism Plan; Cont…

I previously mentioned that the local council planned to turn the lakeside layby into a pay and display car park. After numerous writing complaints and business owner speaking up in local meetings the council decided that they know best. Well they would won’t they on there council salary guaranteed regardless of any economic crisis. I wonder what their expenses are like?!

Anyway their wisdom seems to be to try and wipe out any trace of tourism in the area. It seems ridiculous that a bunch of nepotistic idiots get to decide the villages future. There is now virtually nowhere that you can park without getting ticketed without paying for more than 1 hour. Funnily that is a bigger problem for local residents whom can’t park anywhere near there own house.

The house I rent a room in has double yellow lines everywhere in sight, the high street has parking restriction all the way up the the local councillors house (funny how he has unlimited parking outside his house!). Now the Lakeside Layby has been turn into a pay and display I feel like I have lost a fundamental human right, especially for someone living in a rural area where public transportation is a joke.

I couldn’t for example get a bus to work in Capel Curig, to go shopping in bangor would take over two hours of journey time on a bus. So I need a vehicle and somewhere to park it, and the village needs free parking to encourage tourism. I at present am still parking my Van on the Pay and Display, as I am furious that I can no longer park anywhere, and will prefer to have my time in court over failure to pay a parking fine than spend half hour driving the few streets with free parking to fine a space for my van.

Now I wouldn’t mind if we had been given an opportunity to buy a reasonably priced residents pass, but at present there has been no forthcoming information. Just rumours, I have yet to be ticketed, but it can’t be that long. although again rumour says they won’t start enforcing it till next year. There used to be about 10 cars park there over night a couple of weeks ago. Now there is just mine, I hope they have all gone and parked outside a councillors house! If I get an address for them I will post it up here so you can all park there!

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