Glyn Rhonwy development

Earlier this week I noticed that the massive boulders blocking the development site at Glyn Rhonwy were no longer there, despite only a few week previously when I went tobogganing them still being firming in place. There was also a site notice showing contractors the way to the site. Shortly after noticing this the Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald ran the associated story as their front page.

The site has seen several much more ‘high profile’ locally development proposals, one from Snowdonia Gateway proposing a £150 million develop for an indoor snow slope, hotel and various other posh facilities. A more local proposal looked at developing a cable car up lift for a Mountain Biking course at a cost of £12 million. Both were deemed unsatisfactory, on several levels.

A recent proposal by DTZ ltd in Manchester sounds like it is gaining support in the local council. However locally there has been very little talk at what is actually being proposed, as opposed to the last development that were discussed at length. There are a few rumours flying about over what might be develop, but none of these so far has come forward publicly. It would be interesting to find out what is on the table, so a local debate can take place, unlike before it seems locals are being kept in the dark a little with what’s going on.