Imagery Scripts: Bouldering Content

Well I introduced the concept of scripts for imagery a while back, and thought I’d elaborate the concept to allow you to develop a script for a boulder problem that you can climb in overlapping sections but not yet link. Meaning that basically you can do every move but need help in making the route climb as efficiently as possible. To do this we want to concentrate on the not only a sequence but a series of stimuli and desired responses that we might have when climbing it.

As well as a starting point of a script, which in the case of a boulder problem should be just before you start the problem, and include you focusing and psyching up for the route. As well as the most important if not all the aspects of the sequence. In addition to this movement information we are also going to try to include movement as a stimuli and add desired responses or more simply put thoughts, feeling and meaning to the problem.

So the starting paragraph to the story of the boulder problem might read.

Sitting below the boulder, you focus on the staring holds and channel my energy, you feel strong, and know the sequence. You are confident in your ability to climb to the best of your ability. Taking two last deep breathes you feel the energy fill your body. As you watch yourself (this is from an external perspective) grasp the first holds you imagine yourself as a machine, the holds feel bigger than ever and your muscles like pistons on a charging steam train…..

One the crux you might use.

…reaching the pinch at the start of the crux, it feels better than ever and your body feels confident that you will succeed on the crux. As you set up for the crux you see yourself drive with your legs and explode upwards towards the next hold and slap it, instantly you see your fingers hit the hold and hear the slap and feel them lock solidly onto the hold, as you watch your body swings wildly out you know you have stuck it, and as you wait for the body to swing back to place you feet back on the foothold you feel the excitement of success…..

At the top.

….reach for the last hold you feel tired, but know you have enough energy to make the final mantelshelf. Steadying yourself you hold back the excitement and wait for the moment that you stand up on the top of the boulder. You have trained hard for this moment and deserve this moment of personal glory.

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