Fine Dining

Well, I discovered late last night that my phone whilst being on wasn’t actually receiving a signal, thankfully the person who had been trying to get hold of me had taken the trouble to walk round the house and make the request that I come to tea. It wasn’t that far out of his way as I can throw a ball from my front door to his. However the dinner invite was well received, as Huw is a professional chef.

In fact Huw started Pizza and Pint nights in the Gallt Y Glyn many years ago now, it was through all those nights eating pizzas that we realised that we had something in common, and that was drinking, although my stamina isn’t what it once was. We have also spent some time travelling and generally acting the fool. Huw once lent me and Llion a KTM 520cc motorbike. It was possibly the stupidest thing all three of us had ever done. The last time I had been on a bike was a 50cc twist and go that some kid had back when I did my GCSE’s some 15 years ago now. Anyway we all lived just, although I won the big air competition, which I achieve by mistake, who’d have thought hitting the top of a slate incline at 30mph would put you that high in the air!

Anyway, last night Huw taught me how to make a risotto, and filled me through of very nice food and wine. The menu was mushroom, chirzo, anchovy risotto starter, followed by undyed smoke haddock with a cheese and mustard sauce with carrot things, followed by a fantastic rhubarb and custard suflay (sic). Anyway I was pissed by the starter, so today I have been trying to finish my assignment and managed to get in handed in. (I should save getting really drunk until after I have handed in school work!)

Other than that today i have been trying to keep my food down, as that last glass of wine might well have pushed me over the edge!

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