Classic Desert Climbs

Well after the wall last night I went to the pub, and in the process of getting home I jumped ship from Dave’s car to Tim’s pimp van. Apart from the vehicle looking ridiculous small, as I was surrounded by two giants among men. In front of me was a guidebook called ‘Classic Desert Climbs’. Having inadvertently stumbled across this book i have subsequently ‘borrowed’ it from Tim to plan the US road trip, as well as gotten some great thoughts on what routes we need to bag whilst we are out there.

Tim recommended Primrose Dihedral and the guide also includes the Cock screw summit, one of the most famously distinctive summits to these mud stone towers in the world. To me it seems like it should be a rite of passage for anyone passing through the area. We also have one of the Castleton towers routes on the list.

So that’s three routes already, to add to the list of things to do between Denver and LA, with the addition of Scenic Cruise-Black Canyon of Gunnison, Moonlight Buttress-Zion, Epinephrine-Red Rock that should keen us busy. It would be great to climb a route in Eldorado Canyon (naked Edge?!) and possibly a route on the Devil’s Tower but i have a feeling that it is too far off the beaten track.

I want to be here, NOW!!!!

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