I have spent this morning at school again, this time going through a dry run of my research proposal, never having given one before meant I was rather like a duck out of water. My workload also meant that I only had yesterday to prepare. Fortunately it appeared from the feedback like I wasn’t so much a pass or fail case but how well I could pass. So despite the seeming endless criticism it wasn’t all bad. I also got to watch a few other presentations so have a better idea of what they expect. Apparently my disarming and relaxing manner isn’t what they want when it comes to research proposals!

Anyway the main point of the blog is Psuedoneglect, now I had no idea what psuedoneglect was until 11am this morning, when one of my fellow MSc students gave his research proposal, and now I wish I didn’t know. Why? Because I keep walking into things with my right shoulder.

So Psuedoneglect is a phenomenon that revolves around a the visual cortex being in the right side of the brain and us compensating to avoid missing details of the lefthandside. In compensating we spend less time or mental processing looking at things in our visor-spacial sketchpad on the right. As such right handed (left handed people have less right side/left side brain conflict) men (most men are right brained) are more likely to walk into things on your right side. Now my limited testing of this psuedoneglect in the real world, comes down to three known (remembered) incidents. One five minutes ago when I bumped into the door frame of the lounge, another about a week ago when I ran into a gatepost, the third was six months ago when I walked into a road sign, taking most of the impact on the side of my head really hurt, both physically and my emotionally as a few people saw me bounce off the sign.

Anyway, its like the matrix, if I hadn’t told you would you be bumping into things with your right shoulder?

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