Pancake Day

The Dark Art of Pancake tossing

Well I guess it was just too predictable to not blog on this cultural happening. Now for most people pancake day is just Pancake Day. A day to pig out on a heady combination of milk, flour and eggs. Not a very rich offering but, considering most of us top it off with sugar, syrup, ice cream, lemon juice and chocolate then the calories soon add up. Then there the secret mix, we all have one, or variations on a theme, even if it is simply whether to cool the mix or not!

It is of course a cultural happen that is inclusive for everyone, even the fat kids feel at home. Everybody has to have a go at the dark art of flipping a pancake which is probably one of the only things that will be handed down through the generations along with wife beating, alcoholism and knife crime. Things like how to repair a 4 stroke engine, knitting, darning socks and what axe you need to split a log will sadly be lost in the tracks of time. However pancake flipping will never ever die out, why? Because everyone loves Pancakes!

Pancake Filth

Most of us probably don’t even associated pancake day with anything anymore. It took me a few attempts to remember that it wasn’t anything to do with Easter or the resurrection, but lent. I can’t really remember what the point of lent was other than you have to give something up for it, probably in recompense for something the Lord Jesus Christ did for us, like die on a cross?

So trying to think of something to give up for lent that I would miss I thought that giving up sex might be an option. As its something that I miss but giving it up for lent probably won’t alter the fact that I wasn’t going to get any anyway. Although as my friend pointed out I was more than welcome to practice tossing …………………………………………………………..the pancake!

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