School Work

View from my Campus
Despite being a little old for little school, I am a rather ageing student at that big school most people call university. To say that I came here by mistake is a little of an understatement, I was bored two years ago, and had such a small amount of work on I figured that I could fit a post graduate part-time MSc in Applied Sport Science in between my work.
To a certain extent I have proved myself right, however it wasn’t all that easy, but I guess most people my age make sacrifices to their families or loved one. The joys of being single is the sheer selfishness you can indulge in, shall I stay out till the early hours, hell yes!
Anyway back to my point because believe or not there was one, and it was about the lack of any blogging activity over the last few days. It is all down to school work I am afraid, having passed all but the units to do with my thesis, means that I only go to school to see my supervisor, which is where I was on  Tuesday morning, discussing my impending deadline to produce a prequel to my thesis, an independent study.
So I have been flat out writing up a research proposal based on the title, ‘The Interactive effect of Pre-Imagery Activation State and Individual Differences on the Efficacy of Imagery on Bouldering Task’.

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