BBC: High Altitude and Explore series

I Don’t know how many of you guys caught High Altitude and Explore last night, these two new BBC series both seem like they are aimed at the emerging extreme travel markets. Which despite the fact that climbers and other extreme sports men and women having engaged with this type of activity for years, it is only now that it appears to be going more ‘mainstream’ and turning up on the BBC.

The Explore programme was a different perspective on the ‘Travel Show’, no fake tan or the usual suspects flouncing around on a beach, just a few apparently well seasoned travellers taking you on some of the must see and do things of South America, I particularly liked the football match as it was a little ‘intense’, however they also take a look at the natural side of the countries like the glaciers and mountains.

I thought it was an excellent little programme, well worth catching if your about, if not then get on the BBC I-player. Similarly High Altitude has some potential to offer the ‘extreme’. This week it was failing to get up Mount Blanc and Sky Diving out of a helicopter down the North Face of the Eiger!

If I am honest, I am not sure where this programme will go or what it was going to say about anything, other than letting Graeme Bell former downhill skier and a series of famous co-presenters a well paid extreme trip to some place or another. Considering the dearth of this type of programme, it is still probably worth catching on I-player at the very least.

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