Christmas Rescued!

The Knife edge ridge of Crib Coch on a nice summer days, when its still a serious place

RAF supporting the LLMRT, by saving us a long Christmas Walk. Thank You

Well as many families were tucking into there crimbo dinner, my phone was beebing away, ‘Job No. ….Walkers Cragfast on Crib coch. Team to Nant’. Due to my Christmas Eve I was still sober, as by 2pm when the call out happened I had only just got up, so was still sober.

Many thanks for the T$@*£! that nearly ruined my christmas dinner. You like to think people would think twice before put themselves in danger on Christmas Day considering that the rescue team is made up of volunteers. Although judging by the kit they were wearing the hadn’t thought once before heading up the hill in the middle of winter.

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