Spider Woman Steph Davis in the Sunday Times

Well in case any of you missed her at Kendal, the Sunday Times ran this article on the ‘Spider Woman‘. There was a very nice photo of her in the finest patagonia underwear available at V12 and other quality outdoor retailers. I’ll have to try and find a copy to post up;-)

I was lucky enough to meet Steph a couple times in Yosemite many years ago, and again when she came over to talk at the Plas Y Brenin Big Wall Symposium. I was asked along with a group of other climbers to take her out climbing, so after the event we took one of the centre minibuses and all went to Wen Zawn, where I think Steph romped up the classic route T-Rex with some uber wad, whilst myself and Ian Parnell checked out a dark and weird Crispin Waddy classic Dislocation Dance in the cryptic rift.

Since then she has become totally hardcore, with her free soloing and base jumping. She also appears in the excellent new climbing DVD The Sharp End.

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