BMC National Council

Well I had a busy Saturday, most of it was spent very reluctantly indoor, sat round a very large table representing BMC Cymru/Wales on the National Council, which is the forum through which the members of the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) get their voice heard through candidates they elected to represent and vote for them on policy issues. It all sounds very grand but it really only amount to what is essentially a large group of climbers generally talking over the same boring issues over and over again.

I might write a brief blog entry about the type of thing we talk about, but really it is generally boring stuff. Although there are a few issues that are more important to both me and the BMC Cymru/Wales. One is trying to get a full time BMC officer based in Wales, the other is a new framework of Coaching Awards, as well as possible long term goals for climbing to become an Olympic Sport.

Anyway, after over seven hours of chat, I really can’t face thinking about it anymore.

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